Story Sales 💸

How to get sales from stories every single week (if not daily) without annoying your audience, in fact, exciting them to join your offers.

What you’ll learn:

  • How I sell almost every day without annoying my audience
  • The only 3 stories you need to post daily that will:
    • increase your authority
    • build a desire to work with you
    • bring in leads into your DMs
    • increase your story views
    • increase your story interaction/engagement
  • How to build hype around your offer
  • How to build desire for your offer
  • Exactly how to sell your offer without feeling icky or salesy
  • How exactly to share social proof (it’s an art)
  • How to create captivating stories around each social proof to build desire for your offer

The modules are dripping right now. Module 1 is already up.

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