Welcome! Day 0 is here!


Pre-homework for successful challenge implementation

1️⃣Decide ONE offer.

Decide ONE offer that you're going to focus on selling in August with your Instagram content.

Important Note: Don't try to sell a new offer bcz you wouldn't have a solid messaging for that. Decide an offer that you've sold at least once. That way, you'd have your offer messaging already figured out.

Use the same offer messaging during this challenge.

2️⃣List out the pain points this offer solves.
You'll be creating content around this as prompted throughout the challenge.

3️⃣Write down the transformation this offer provides.
You'll be using this in different posts while promoting your offer.

4️⃣🥳Be ready for an amazing sold-out month🎉🥂

2 ways to implement:

▶️Either implement the prompts on the same day.

▶️Or, start one day later, so you can implement yesterday's prompt today. This way, you wouldn't have to wait for my prompts everyday.

See you tomorrow🥂

xx, Vidhi