Want more? Next Steps

Congratulations on completing the Blazing Hot Captions Course. Woohoooo🥳🎉

I’m so excited to chat about what’s next so you can plan accordingly.

Good news: after you’ve completed this program, it doesn’t have to end! I would LOVE to keep working with you!

Here are a few ways you can get supported & have me to hold space for you:

1. Want to Promote Your Program & Sell Out Solely from Your Content?

If you joined the challenge, you might have got it that your program can be sold solely from content if you have a perfect content strategy behind it.

What you saw in the challenge was a generic content strategy & you can actually sell out your spots if you have a personalized strategy for selling your program.

Once you learn how to create content strategy by your own, you’ll be able to create a content strategy for any of your upcoming programs. It’s a skill worth a million dollars. This is what I use for all of my launches since every launch must have planned content based on solid content strategy.

If all of this sounds good, as a member of this program you save up to $100 off the regular cost of the Complete Content Strategy Program. You can use this exclusive discounted offer any time within the first 2 months of your this course’s purchase.

You can onboard to this exclusive offer here. (Discount coupon code already added, if not, use DSIOERMLVOTW).

2. Voxer support during your program promotion

Want me to hold space for you & keep you accountable while you kinda “launch” / “soft-launch” your program using the content strategy, get you back on track when you feel lost, need help?

I will be in there every single day twice with you on Voxer: My eyes on your business, holding you accountable, giving you feedback & direction, sending you high-vibe messages for low days &/or while you chat with your potential clients in the DMs & sooo much more support.

As a member of this program, you save up to $100 off the regular cost of 30-day voxer support.

You can use this exclusive discounted offer anytime within the first 2 months of your this course’s purchase.

(The prices you see below are regular prices before the discount, once you click, use the coupon code: DH49YKGHSUR9 for your exclusive discount off the regular price)

3. “I want both services together – I don’t wanna mess up my promotion”

DM me @vidzmaksocialpep on Instagram & I’ll send ya the link to the bundle package.